WWP Works with several legal advisers and investment financing experts to ensure the best tax advantages and return of investment.
WWP’s investors provide funding aimed to movie productions and coproductions.
WWP’s key role in minimizing our investors risk and maximizing their return, is to assess whether the film carrels enough value to, in worst-case scenario, be able to hits the break-even position, it’s all based on minimizing risk as much as possible.<
In other words, with WWP, investors know exactly how and when they will see their money back – independent of the actual performance of the film (the asset).
WWP provides 100% funding. In doing so, positions itself as the senior lender and thus in one of first position for recoupment of all monies.
WWP’s film investment model ensures investors know how, where and when they are to recoup their money.
This means regardless of the performance of the film, a worst-case scenario is that investors will get a minimum return on the investment.