My Dear Monsters


 When we speak of Spanish movies, all we think about comedies, movies of the civil War, folk movies or children prodigy that embitter us with their callow canticles.  But to ends of the years 60 of the past 20th century, began to be produced in Spain a film movement called «Spanish Horror». 

 Along with the industries of the Western and of the movies Peplum or movies of sandals, an industry was created where their artíficies; Jesus Fraco, Lina Romay, Carlos Aured, Soledad Miranda or Paul Naschy, they became stars.  That yes, out of our borders.

Director: Kiko Prada & Javier Prada.

Written by: Kiko Prada & Javier Prada.

Main Casting: Jess Franco, Lina Romay, Paco Plaza, Jack Taylor, Julio Fernández, David Martí, Víctor García, Emilio Línder, Carlos Aguilar, Jonathan David Mellor, Jo´se Lifante, Jorge Grau, Javier Aguirre, Javiert Botet, Tubén Sánchez Trigos, Gustavo Tambasccio, Andrés Peláez, Ángel Agudo, David Ambit, José Ramón Larraza, Pedro Temboury & Carlos Vermut.

Genre: Documentary

Country: Spain

Year: 2013

Category: Documentary
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